Training Services

We adopt a train-the-trainer approach to our training programs, with a team of training providers who are heavily involved in the implementation process; making them experts on the system.

  • Training providers who are experts on the system.
  • Scenario based train-the-trainer approach to end user training.
  • Training materials & software support documentation provided.
  • Built-In Knowledge Base in RS-CMS.
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​​​​​We see our products all the way through, making sure our clients receive the training they need to get started. ​ Learn Ho​w We C​an Help

Participating in the testing and working with the system throughout the implementation of our solutions allows our BA and QA’s to become experts on the system, making them ideal for providing end user training and developing training materials. Our Training Lead will provide staff with the knowledge that they require to confidently and appropriately use their new system to allow them to get the most out of what it can provide. We typically take a train-the-trainer approach to end user training.

With our training program you can expect the following supports:

  • End‐user manuals (user guides, admin guides, deployment guide, etc.)
  • Scenario‐based training​ materials
  • Custom page level help
  • Visual Aids
  • Training videos

A unique feature of our solutions is our customizable page level help, which is a great support during and after training since the business can maintain the content as they see fit.​

In the near future we will be launching training videos that walk users through how to use our products, as well as videos that serve to remind users of the functionality available throughout our software solutions.​

We have never found training to be an issue, as our clients have found RS-CMS to be intuitive to use and easy to learn. Our principles show through the feedback from our Clients who learn to use the system with very little to no training.

​ As with all of our products you can depend on enterprise-class, multi-tiered architecture, complete AODA WCAG 2.1 compliance, multilingual interfaces, and fully responsive HTML 5 solutions.