Matthew Rueffer

Executive Director

Matthew has been with Run Straight Consulting Ltd. from the beginning and is driven by creating great outcomes for our customers and their clients. As a Management Consultant and Solution Architect, Matthew has shaped our organization to be focused on delivering straight-forward Case Management solutions. Through Matthew’s leadership, Run Straight is recognized as an award-winning organization and a preferred vendor at the federal, provincial, territory, and municipal levels for enterprise-level case management product, services, and solutions.

As the Program Owner for technical solutions, infrastructure, and security, Matthew leads the campaigns to bring new innovations across our product, services, and in-house tools to help raise our levels of agility for our customers with our ‘High-security’ On-premise and Software-as-a-Service offerings.

With over 20 years of management experience in the Public Sector, Matthew serves on the Chief Security Officer and member of the Executive Steering Committees for most of our customers. Matthew is active in the Microsoft Community and continues to commit his time to designing innovative, intuitive and user-friendly solutions. Matthew lives in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife and 3 children and has a background in Information Systems & Human Behaviour as well as an MBA from the Schulich School of Business.

Michael van Brugge​


Since joining Run Straight in 2019, Michael has been the Program Owner for Service Delivery and Service Management. Run Straight's products and clientele provide exciting opportunities to bring the best of Agilist principles and techniques across the organization and our customers through sound Corporate Governance and Enterprise Architecture fundamentals. 

Michael supports customers as their Success Manager and provides Advisory support for Steering Committees. 

Since 2019, Michael has led the transformation to implement more Agile and Operational best practices, while expanding our SaaS and PaaS offerings with Run Straight’s philosophy of keeping everything straight-forward. We call our approach the 'EPIC Methodology' and Michael shares his experience across the Agile Community and Meetups across the GTA.

Michael has over 20 years of experience leading IT Services organizations and is proud to have led over a dozen large government modernization projects, and managing large IT project recoveries such as Obamacare for the State of Vermont. Looking forward, Michael is excited about delivering even more solutions that positively impact the lives and outcomes for people managing difficult situations. 

Michael lives with his wife in the East-end of Toronto and holds a Masters in Applied Economics, and degrees in Business & Economics.

Jessica Cwynar-Horta

Manager, Project Management Office

Jessica has been with Run Straight in many different capacities since 2014. Her career at Run Straight has seen her lead Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Development, and Test Engineering at both the Project Delivery and Organizational levels.

Jessica has managed multiple complex projects for both the Private and Public sector through all phases of the delivery of Run Straight’s Case Management Systems, Inter-agency Hubs, Statistical Reporting tools, and SharePoint intra/internet sites. At the delivery level, she is responsible for the Project teams, the planning and management of Projects, the maintenance of critical Project documentation, and the coordination and communication with the Client’s Lead/Manager. She reports to the Executive Steering Committee.

As Manager of the PMO, and Run Straight’s first certified ScrumMaster, she has also played a key role in transitioning the Organization and Project Delivery to the Agile way of working by working closely with the Leadership team to coach team members and implement better practices based on Agile and Scrum frameworks. Jessica continues to find influences in and learn from internal team members, professionals within the Meetup community who participate in Agile and Scrum workshops, and the works and presentations of Leaders in the subject areas.

Jessica holds a Masters Degree in Communication and Culture, Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree, and Certificate in Business and Consulting, all from York University.

​ As with all of our products you can depend on enterprise-class, multi-tiered architecture, complete AODA WCAG 2.1 compliance, multilingual interfaces, and fully responsive HTML 5 solutions.